Spot Please

05 Feb 2020


Spot please.

Please spot. Please a spot. Please, don’t stop. And please don’t cease. No running, please. Please just walk, And please don’t splash. Please just watch this soppy, sappy, sobbing plot. The perks of being a potted plant in a spotted pot. Show your cards, you’ll split the pot. The Jack of Hearts is all you’ve got. The Jack of Hearts is all that’s left. Seize the thief! The thief was caught. The thief was poor! The thief is dead.

Slap your smile with a sloppy tongue. Sticky spit, and sticky fun. Sticky spit on your sweating skin. Sticky spit on your sweaty clit. Sail the seas under a sweltering sun, Sail the seas under squawking gulls. Scout some spots on the sandy shore, Scour the Earth for something more. Sometimes seeking, sometimes sought. Sometimes civil sometimes savage. Spend time wisely, spend time lost. Some time breathing, then you’ll rot. So Ease in to the slot. So beg then for the spot. Please a spot. Spot please. Please spot.


Published on 05 Feb 2020