Ascribing an Agenda

21 Feb 2016

There is an interesting experience that occurs in preparation for an adventure. My mind begans to conjure up visualizations of what I believe my experience will be like. From those fantasies, I began to create expectations. It’s odd, because this has happened before and I know very well that it is never as you expected. As I stare into a foggy unknown, though, those expectations are all I have to project my future with.

I do have certain things I want to accomplish, while I am there. There is an elephant orphanage within Nairobi that I would like to visit. Overall, I intend to spend a fair amount of time with Africa’s wildlife. I would also like to visit a few cities in the region including Mombasa and Zanzibar.

There are some other ideas I have which may or may not happen. I have this interest in hiring a budding young Kenyan to work with me on this project. Ideally, it would be an incredibly useful experience for both of us. I would get a much deeper insight into the life and culture of someone local. She would gain a similar experience as well as development of her professional capabilities.

Those are my goals for the first couple of months. Because of the volatility of our startup, I am going to wait until I see how things are progressing before I begin articulating any of my more chaotic thoughts.

Published on 21 Feb 2016