04 Oct 2015

I don’t remember too many nightmares throughout my life. In fact, all my memorable nightmares have happened in the last few months. I’m not sure why. How do nightmares just began to happen. What do they signify? Each has been a kind of emergence of spirit. Each one had dark energy associated with it.

The most memorable one happened only a few weeks ago. What I remember from it is that from my feet grew these weird seeds. They opened up through the skin on the sole of my feet. I just remember a painful feeling associated with them. It was even stranger because of its similarity to Rooha’s dream. In her dream there were feet that had shards of glass in them. I distinctly remember her explaing to me that it was that dream that gave her confidence in the idea of God. I’m not sure why it also came into existence in my own dreams.

Just yesterday I had another nightmare. I was upstairs in a room. I suspect it was a bathroom. My father was downstairs. My mind was following a ‘thing’ that was moving up the stairs. the stairs curved. It was a black ball of energy or spirit. I remember my dad yelling to explain that it was coming. I woke up scared alone in my room. I had no one except Alde. I cuddled her.

What is also strange is that I’ve had most if not all of these dark dreams in this apartment. I’m not sure what that signifies. It definitely makes me believe in the nature of spirits. I don’t know what spirit exactly means. Rooha had an interesting description of it that now escapes me. I remember her explaining it as the energy an individual leaves behind in a room or house or place in the same way a person can leave behind odor or a scent. A nightmare I remember quite vividly is the one Shan told me about. It is not my own. He had it in the house in Wheaton. He remembers the devil’s face appearing in the comforter as it lay in a pile on my bed.

I remember explaining my fascination with lucid dreaming to Rooha. She explained to me that she wasn’t interested in lucid dreams. She went even further to say that she wished she didn’t have to dream. I can see her perspective now. Nightmares are truly frightening. That said I still want to learn how to lucid dream, even if it is within a nightmare. I think one can learn a lot from delving into one’s consciousness.

What do nightmares mean? My suspicion is that they are tied to your environment. I say this because of the relationship between my location (i.e my apartment in Logan Square) and the frequency of my nightmares. I do not remember having nightmares even when I go back to the suburbs, which I frequently do. Is there something related to this house that eminates dark energy? Or perhaps it is something else in my life that spurs on these episodes within my dreams? I think what I can do is continue to monitor when they happen. I should also place more effort into writing them down as they happen.

Published on 04 Oct 2015