Careers Are Confusing

21 Sep 2015

I posted a picture on social media a few days ago. There was a man, half naked, smoking a cigarette on the bed. The text read, “The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary”. I am going to kill two birds with one stone with today’s entry. I have been incessantly mulling over my career prospects all day. It seems fitting then to use this as an outlet for my thoughts.

I’m not sure where to go with my skill set. I feel as though I can travel in so many different directions. I am also a bit scared to go on hiatus and travel again. There is the fear of not having work once I return. This is, of course, a passing fear and I am sure that I can be a useful member of society in many ways. But the fear persists.

I want to make as much money as possible while I am working as a salaried man. Why not? I’ve already sold my soul to buy myself out of debt. I should at least value myself enough to get paid the most I can. If I don’t, I am only prolonging my incarceration.

So then the decision has been made that I will aim to maximize capital. What is next? There is also the consideration I must make towards staying at one job for long enough. Companies, like people, crave a sense of dependability. This potentially conflicts with the previous assertion of making the highest possible salary. The higher salary is of higher importance, however. I have the ability to make lovely new relationships, however fleeting. I can trust myself to do the same with companies.

The next question is location. There are several places I could see myself working. New York, San Francisco, and Chicago all seem viable. Seattle, Austin, Portland, Denver, DC also have potential. But these will be temporary, of course. My life is in Chicago; my adventures are outside of this country.

The next aspect is what I intend to do with the money. I think it’s important to set up a situation where I am making some amount of passive income. This is the only way I won’t have to work for the rest of my fucking life. In this regard, I want to buy some sort of real estate. That seems like such a commitment that I don’t even know if I actually want to do that.

The conclusion of this shitty post is that I still have no idea what to do. I need more money to do the things I want. In order to attain that money I must keep doing the things I currently do. Thus, I must devote more time and focus into the practice of making money. As I become adjusted to this lifestyle, I will likely require more money. More money will require more time and effort into the practice of making money. Somewhere in this cycle I will die. This last paragraph has illuminated the way.

Published on 21 Sep 2015